Sunday, March 15, 2015

Getting Our DNA ON...!

Testing, Testing, Testing..... That's what Doug and I have been up to this past 2014! We have tested ourselves, my Mom, a female cousin on my Dad's maternal side and a male cousin on my Mom's Mother's Paternal line. Currently I am waiting for an Uncle, a brother to my Dad, to be tested through 23andMe. We also began testing our Daughter-in-law who was adopted as a toddler so she could learn about her ethnicity and begin her genealogy research. 

Having our DNA tested has opened up a door for my husband in researching his Wigley line. Doug has also connected with other Wigley cousins via the Wigley Association Facebook Group. He has been able to confirm a family connection to a Jobe Wigley married to Rachael Wigley back in the 1800's. This process has also allowed him to reach further back into the Wigley line than he was previously able to go.

With my DNA testing I have confirmed the 100% European ethnicity of my Mother's line and the 98.6% European ethnicity of myself. While I am excited about the knowledge of my ancestral origins, my Mother and her surviving sisters were saddened the Native American heritage on the male Ruggles side was not passed on to them genetically. Although the search is on for our native American female source. It's a long shot in finding a surviving maternal DNA descendant and we may never know who she was, what her ancestral origins are or if she was indeed Native American. Though the search for her has introduced me to cousins of her line and that has been wonderful. My line has helped them learn more about their line leading to our possible source.

As we research more of our individual lines and learn more about the history behind our Ancestors, we are also learning more about ourselves. Learning about the history of the countries from which our Ancestors came from and why they left to come to America. That is in itself a wealth of historical knowledge you will remember. This knowledge you will learn teaches each person about the historical events that took place in the life of each Ancestor and brings to life a real history your people were part of. No public school history class can give you that experience. 

Researching our family's genealogy has become more than just a part time hobby for me. This has become a mission. I have an Aunt who is turning 89 years old April 2015 and it is for her as well that I am working hard on her Daddy's line. So she will know about her people through him before it is her time to go. It is for her children, all of my cousins, my nieces and nephews, my siblings and my children that I have such a strong desire to leave them with knowledge of their Ancestors, in as much detail as I can. So they will hopefully see the value of those who came before them and the value in each other as family. Our DNA test results can be viewed HERE...!