Thursday, October 30, 2014

Discovering Who We Are and Finding Our Ancestors Through Genealogy Research

Carrying The Torch!!!!

When I was a little girl, my Mother was given a typed copy of her Father's "Owens" Family Line. I'm not sure who typed it out but every member of the Owens clan received this special gift. It wasn't until I grew up, married and became a parent that I recognized the value of my Family and our Ancestors. I became inspired to continue the compilation of our Family Tree and pass on the new information to all of my family members.

With the creation of computers, printers and the internet I have become much more interested in preserving as much as our family heritage for our sons and grandchild. Facebook has allowed us the opportunity to connect with family members we haven't seen for years or have never met and share our family pictures and stories. Now with Genetic DNA Testing websites and Genealogy websites, my family is venturing into the search for our ancestral origins beyond the United States. We are connecting with cousins from lines we have yet to meet and sharing some fascinating information about our ancestors. Being able to have copies of photographs and other valuable information on individual ancestors has made them so real. Learning the stories of our ancestors lives makes the past come alive. I love that I am able to share with all my family the information I have found.

Searching for ancestors beyond the United States has led to some fascinating discoveries about the past historically. I've learned more history in my later years than I ever did in school. Must because it has become so personal for me now that I enjoy the path each road of my family's lines take me down. Compiling all the information and creating "Family Tree Books" for my surviving Aunts and my sons is rewarding in itself. My Aunts get to know family they've only briefly heard about in their youth.

Within this post are links to my husband Doug's Genealogy and my own genealogy. I have more on mine since Doug is still gathering his. We are both having our DNA tested for our origins and ethnicity percentages. So, I will share what we have learned as we go. If you are interested in following our research, please be sure to venture into both of our individual "Family Genealogy" Blogs and Posts. If you find a connection to our lines personally, I look forward to hearing from you and sharing about our lines.

Doug's Family Surnames: Wigley, Scott, Kitchen, Brooks
  1. Wigley (Wives: Scott, Kitchens, Lindsey, Wells)
  2. Scott (Maternal Line: Brooks, Hall, Williams)
  3. Brooks (Wives: Hall, Chenowith, Thomas)
  4. Kitchens (Wives: Grimes, Ryals, Kelly, Nicholson)

Kathy's Family Surnames: Matlock, Owens, McCullough, Ruggles
  1. Matlock (Wives: McCullough, Bradberry to the Crockett Line, Pettyjohn, Myrick, Unknown, Roundtree)
  2. Owens (Wives: Ruggles, Howe, Greenwell, Cooprider, Taylor)
  3. Ruggles (Wives: Bailey, Mitchell, Plummer, Voires, Brimmer)
  4. Maternal Lines
    • Bailey, Rice
    • Mitchell, Harris, McVay, Husong (Hoosong), McGee, McDill
    • Voires, Carr Carter
    • Harris, Flippen

  • Kathy's Maternal Haplogroup is H23HVR1 is 16519C / HVR2 is 263G, 315.1C / Coding Region is 750G, 1438G, 4769G, 8860G, 10211T, 15326G
    • The HVR1 is 16519C from what I have learned thus far, is my Jewish Heritage marker.
  • Ruggles Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-M269 (same as R1b1b2) (R1b-M269 (old R1b1a2) is a Jewish Cluster) / FTDNA Ruggles Project
  • My Maternal Grandmother's Mitchell Line has a descendant in Missouri who did his Y-DNA. My line is Group 21 / Rev. Morris Mitchell / Haplogroup R1bMitchell DNA Project.
  • My Matlock Y-DNA Haplogroup is R1b1b2 (same as R-M269) (R1b-M269 (old R1b1a2) is a Jewish Cluster) / Matlock Genealogy Resource
    • Alton Glen Matlock - of the John Wesley Matlock Line: R-M269 ---  My Matlock line is also of the John Wesley matlock Line. Glen's ancestor (Isaac Wesley) and my Father's ancestor (John Andrew) of this line were brothers. 
  • My McCullough Maternal Haplogroup: T2a1b
    • This is the haplogroup of my Dad's Mother, Elsie Irene McCoullough. I though this is where my Middle Eastern, African and East Asian is coming from but my Mom's sister Edna has the same thing. It is coming from both sides of my parents.
  • Owens Y-DNA Haplogroup J2a3L26 = Jewish - My mother's father is Leonard "Pug" Lawrence Owens. Our Immigrant Ancestor is Thomas Owens of Wales and died in Virginia. He married Lucy Elizabeth Wooten and Elizabeth Brookes.
  • My Crockett Y- DNA Haplogroup: I1c / This is the Davy Crockett Haplogroup only. Other Crockett lines have different haplogroups. / FTDNA Crockett Project

Autosomal DNA Statistics - This site will help you to understand the correlation of chromosome percentages and generational matching between two people when comparing your DNA with each other.

Testing with all the sites below will give you varied information and access to many people who have tested to compare matching DNA. To save you $$$$ this is adviced!

  1. Test with Ancestry or 23andMe and then transfer your raw DNA data to FTDNA. It will save you money in not having to buy another autosomal (Family Tree Finder) test. Instead, it will cost you $19 to gain access to the results. Here is the Transfer Link.
  2. Any of the raw DNA data from an Autosomal test by either of the genealogy DNA testing companies:  23 and MEAncestry and FTDNA will upload to

OUR Gedmatch ID Numbers you can check against yours!

A515124 Doug Wigley (my husband)

A291909 Donna Joyce Owens (Donna is my Mom and Edna's sister)

M715002 Edna Irene Owens Farmer(Edna is my Mom's oldest sister.)

M886960 Kathy Joyce Matlock (ME)

A918809 Angela Davis - Adopted:(Biological parents are Nick Munoz & Pamela Christine Reeds. Pam’s parents are James Orville Byers and May Ruth Smith. Ohio Birth Documents list a brother for Pam, Joseph Orville Byers. They have the same parents. We don’t know why Pam’s surname is Reeds on her birth document unless it was because she was placed in foster care and her name was changed then.

T782414 Alton Glen Matlock (my 2nd Cousin 1xRemoved: common ancestors are John Wesley Matlock & Susan Rosa Bell Pettyjohn.)

A239050 Naomi Vandorn ( My paternal Aunt Joye's daughter)

M176757 Joye Matlock (Miller (My dad's sister). - Ancestry DNA test is an Autosomal testing for ethnicity proportions.

23 and Me - has one test "ANCESTRY SERVICE "that will give you the results for your ethnicity proportions as well as your paternal and maternal haplogroups for $99 plus S&H. Now they offer the "HEALTH + ANCESTRY SERVICE" for $199 + S&H. 

Family Tree DNA - (FTDNA) sells 3 DNA tests: 
  • Y-dna tests the Paternal line. (Father to son)
  • Mt-dna tests the Maternal line. (Mother to daughter)
  • Family Finder is an Autosomal test for ethnicity proportions
  1. Transfer Link for National Geographic DNA Test to FTDNA ( )
  2. Transfer Link so you can transfer your AncestryDNA, 23andMe©or MyHeritage autosomal DNA data to Family Tree DNA and discover new matches for FREE - A FREE Genealogy website where you can upload your Autosomal raw DNA and test your raw DNA to 34 Heritage Admixture Proportion tests, test with other people to see if you are related, compare chromosome matches and upload your family tree.

DNA.LAND - FREE New Testing site - Upload your DNA Data for FREE. Results may change as more Europeans and Americans upload their DNA Data. Connects you with people you share DNA with world wide.

WeGene - New Testing site based in China - Upload your DNA Data for FREE. Gives Health Reports along with Ethnicity. Results may change as more Europeans and Americans upload their DNA Data.

Promethease - this is how we obtained our health reports.

Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia

Biomedical researchers, healthcare practitioners and customers of DNA testing services (such as 23andMeAncestry.comFamilyTreeDNAGenos, etc.) use Promethease to retrieve information published about their DNA variations. Most reports cost $5 and are produced in under 10 minutes. Much larger data files (such as imputed full genomes from cost $10 and have increased runtime.